Early Spring Starts Ready to Plant

We know it seems like winter will never end, but this week sounds like the real beginning of spring. We have organically grown early spring vegetable starts ready to plant.


  • Five types of kale: Lacinato, Scarlet, Red Russian, Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch and Smooth German
  • Four types of lettuce: Red Leprechaun, Ella Kropf, Yugoslavian Red, and Blushed Buttercos
  • Three types of Broccoli: Waltham, De Ciccio, and Romanesco; Copenhagen Market Cabbage
  • Other seedlings ready to set out: Italian Plain leaf and Curled Parsley, Chives, Celery, and Yellow of Parma Onion plants.
  • In limited supply - We still have Desiree, Yukon Gold and La Ratte seed potatoes.
  • Seed Savers Spinach, Beet, Radish, and Pea seeds are all ready for cold weather sowing.
Hope to see you soon!!!

Organically grown seedlings are almost ready


Lacinato Kale, Yellow of Parma Onions and 2 or 3 types of lettuce are ready for sale. The lettuce is a little small yet, but I planted some at home and they've grown just fine through the storms and cold the last few days.

Organic Seed Potatoes are here

Organic seed potatoes are here!

This year's selections include:

Desiree-lg Desiree 

Popular mid-season variety from Holland.  Smooth red skin and deep golden inside.  Moist, creamy texture with a delicate flavor. Reliable and easy to grow. An excellent choice for a general cooking potato.

laratte La Ratte (fingerling)

Long prized by French chefs.  Highly recommended and an absolute delight to cook with.  Long, uniform tubers with yellow flesh and a firm texture and a nice nutty flavor.  Holds together very well.  Especially good for potato salad or boiled.

yukongold Yukon Gold 

Smooth, thin yellow skin with creamy yellow flesh. Stands up well to any kind of cooking, baking, frying, mashing and salads – dry heat or moist. Sweet tasty potato that stores very well

Organic Veggie Seedlings

Deal’s will again offer organically grown veggie seedling this year. Watch for a list of available seedlings in the next few weeks.