Progress? - 08/17/2017 Update

Yes! We are still in business even though it doesn't look like it at the moment. Our sign is inside ready to be repainted. Once that's done, we will work on setting the pillars back to hold it in it's new place.

We really do appreciate your patience and continued support during the reconstruction of Dayton-Xenia Road!

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Dayton Daily News article about project.

Moving our sign - 08/06/2017 Update

Moving our sign is a major project. The sign itself is easy to move…


Moving the custom built base and pillars is another story!


Construction Update - 08/05/2017 Update

Deal’s is open for business as usual - really!
Our sign is down and being moved.
Nursery stock has been moved to our side and rear lots.
Check our blog page for more information as it becomes available.
We appreciate your patience as construction continues on Dayton-Xenia Road.

Construction Update - 08/03/2017 Update

This afternoon, our crew started the process of trying to dismantle and move our sign. Other than the wooden sign itself, we aren’t sure yet how much we’ll be able to save, but we’re trying.


Construction Update - 07/28/2017 Update

Construction Update - 0/28/2017 Update

Dayton-Xenia Road in front of Deal’s is open! Lots of work still needs to be finished…


Construction Update - 07/27/2017 Update

Dayton-Xenia Road remains closed, but the construction crew is hopeful to have it re-opened on Friday (07/28/2017).


Construction Update - Panorama

A panoramic view of Deal’s lot… from across the street. The lot looks a bit bleak - we’ve relocated our stock to the side and back of the barn..When the widening project begins we’ll be relocating our sign and losing several feet of our lot frontage.


Construction Update - 07/22

It's almost like the Twilight Zone here today. I hear the tune in my head. Doo doo doo doo, Doo doo doo doo!

No road crew, no traffic, no noise (except for the pump running at the creek) Wait! Wait! A customer! Hooray! I'm not alone in this world. 😊


Construction Update - 07/21

Work to cover creek continues…

We are now located on a gravel road! (Or at least a small piece of a gravel road). Today we had the road crew and our crews in for a lunchtime cookout. While they were here, we got an update. They are hoping to have the road reopened next Thursday. I guess our semi-vacation will be over.


Construction Update - 07/20

A different view of the construction… looking east on Dayton-Xenia.


Construction Update - 07/19

Work progresses.

IMG_5381 IMG_5382

Construction Update - 07/18

Latest photo - a big hole in our yard!


Construction Update - 07/17

We’ve added some photos of the Dayton-Xenia Road construction around Deal’s… The front of our lot is a mess!

We’re still open! Call us at (937) 426-2118 for the latest update and the best route to visit our Store and Nursery lot.

Deal’s can and will deliver plants, mulch, and other landscaping materials to your home… call or contact us for more information.

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Deck Your Halls

Yes, we know! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year are many months in the future.

This is still a great time to begin planning your home’s holiday celebration. Remembrances, Greens, Lights, Trimmings, etc.

Deal’s is always more than willing to help you develop a master plan to celebrate your holidays.

Contact Deal’s!

Fall Planning

Hard to believe, but we’re all ready at mid-summer. This is great time to start thinking about fall landscape updates.

Autumn is a great time to add trees, shrubs, and perennials to your landscape - or a time to replace overgrown/worn out specimens. Early planting allows plantings to become well established before winter, ready for the growth spurt of next spring.

Need help with planning your landscape update? Contact Deal’s! We’d love to visit your home and suggest updates/improvements for your home’s landscape.

Construction Update - 07/11

Dayton-Xenia Road has been closed in front of Deal’s…

The road in front of our shop is closed. We're guessing it's for tonight only since the sign still says closed for 10 days starting July 17.
Yesterday, the road crew closed one lane and dug a very large deep hole in front of our lower driveway. All day today there was a thick metal sheet over the hole. Tonight, there are large lights, an open hole, and a crew working on the closed road.

Construction Update - 07/07

The construction start has been delalyed until July 17, although, with all the recent rain, that date may be delayed another week or so.

Watch Deal’s Blog for more information!

Happy Fourth of July!

From all of us at Deal’s… Have a great Fourth of July weekend!

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Construction Update

Dayton Xenia Road update:

We now have an official road closure date. July 10-20 the road will be closed for the culvert replacement; it contains the creek that runs along the east side of our property.
We will remain open during the road closure. We will still be making deliveries and our parking lot will be accessible from the west. If you need directions, please give our office a call at 937-426-2118.


First Monarch Arrives

Our first Monarch!