Holiday Greens

Deal’s will have a large selection of Christmas Trees, both cut and live, as well as fresh cut greens and our famous custom wreaths, roping, and grave blankets starting in mid-November. Please call or contact Deal’s for more information.

Construction Update - October

The Dayton-Xenia Road Construction Project continues!

We really do appreciate your patience and continued support of Deal’s Landscape Service.

Note from Cheryl…
A determined customer, who came in to buy a couple of bales of straw, told me he had passed our place three times, turned around and came back until he figured out how to get in. All I could do was tell him thanks for being persistent!
After talking to one of the road crew guys today, it sounds like they are hoping to have the soil stabilized, the curbs in and the initial asphalt down before Thanksgiving. The asphalt plant shuts down for the winter just before Thanksgiving. So, whatever we’re left with at that point, sounds like we will be dealing with when spring comes along next year. Not looking forward to that at all. Both entrances are open now with gravel “bridges” across a “moat” of destroyed road that has been hauled away.



Fall Cleanup

Fall is a great time of year to think about your landscape and home maintenance needs.

Clean gutters and downspouts
Blow leaves and other debris off your roof
Clear landscape lawn and beds of leaves and other debris
Check windows and doors for air leaks - caulk or insulate
Fireplace? Make sure the damper can be completely closed
Check any outside lighting fixtures - clean and update lamps with LED lights
Check smoke detector batteries

Fall Landscape Planning

Fall is a great time of year to review your home’s landscaping. What maintenance or updating will help improve your home’s “curb-appeal” and the personal enjoyment of your family? Your home’s outdoor living environment can be just as important as its interior design.

Contact Deal’s to help you develop a landscaping plan for your family!

Deck Your Halls!

The winter holidays are a special time of year. Family and friends gather together in celebration. Seasonal decorations can help you share your love and joy during this magical time of year.

Deal’s can help you plan both inside and outside decorations - greens, LED lighting, Christmas trees, wreaths, and grave blankets. Please contact us for assistance in decking your halls!

Winter Safety

Yes, any snow is probably a couple of months away, but the Farmers’ Almanac 2018 Winter Outlook is predicting a cold winter, with average snowfall, for SW Ohio.

Be prepared! When snow and/or ice covers your driveway or business parking lot, you need to have them made safe and clear. Contact Deal’s for Snow Removal assistance.

Fall Lawn Maintenance

Your yard needs some help to get ready for the fall season - and to be ready for next spring.

Core aeration, fall Organic Earth and Lawn Care applications, and over seeding will help guarantee a strong and healthy lawn in the spring.

Contact Deal’s for help with planning your lawn maintenance program.

Your yard needs some help to get ready for the fall season - and to be ready for next spring.

Core aeration, fall Organic Earth and Lawn Care applications, and over seeding will help guarantee a strong and healthy lawn in the spring.

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Monarch Butterflies

We’re the proud parents of newly arrived Monarch butterfies!
This photo was taken today on the milkweed planted last spring near the office garden.  This monarch butterfly seems to be waiting for the flowers to open.  Won't be long.


Construction Update

We have an update on the Dayton-Xenia Road closure. The tentative 10 day closing date is July 10th. Signs giving the actual closure dates will be posted as soon as the date is firm. You can always call out office for the current information. We will let you know the current road status.


Bagworms eggs have hatched in our area.

It's time to control tiny bagworms with BTK. That's an abbreviation for Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki, which is a naturally occurring biological insecticide sold under the name of Dipel or Thuricide.

It must be ingested by the young critters to be effective, so be sure to reapply if we have rain. A second application is recommended. This material is not very effective once the bagworms get a little larger, so be sure to apply soon.

Monarch Butterflies

We planted milkweek last year from seed started in our greenhouse in March, 2016. We have Monarch caterpillars! Five, so far!

Monarch  Catterpillars