Fall Cleanup

Fall is a great time of year to think about your landscape and home maintenance needs.

Clean gutters and downspouts
Blow leaves and other debris off your roof
Clear landscape lawn and beds of leaves and other debris
Check windows and doors for air leaks - caulk or insulate
Fireplace? Make sure the damper can be completely closed
Check any outside lighting fixtures - clean and update lamps with LED lights
Check smoke detector batteries

Fall Landscape Planning

Fall is a great time of year to review your home’s landscaping. What maintenance or updating will help improve your home’s “curb-appeal” and the personal enjoyment of your family? Your home’s outdoor living environment can be just as important as its interior design.

Contact Deal’s to help you develop a landscaping plan for your family!

Deck Your Halls!

The winter holidays are a special time of year. Family and friends gather together in celebration. Seasonal decorations can help you share your love and joy during this magical time of year.

Deal’s can help you plan both inside and outside decorations - greens, LED lighting, Christmas trees, wreaths, and grave blankets. Please contact us for assistance in decking your halls!

Winter Safety

Yes, any snow is probably a couple of months away, but the Farmers’ Almanac 2018 Winter Outlook is predicting a cold winter, with average snowfall, for SW Ohio.

Be prepared! When snow and/or ice covers your driveway or business parking lot, you need to have them made safe and clear. Contact Deal’s for Snow Removal assistance.

Fall Lawn Maintenance

Your yard needs some help to get ready for the fall season - and to be ready for next spring.

Core aeration, fall Organic Earth and Lawn Care applications, and over seeding will help guarantee a strong and healthy lawn in the spring.

Contact Deal’s for help with planning your lawn maintenance program.

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Monarch Butterflies

Like to start your own Monarch garden? Contact Deal’s for help establishing a great place for your butterflies. We have a number of Milkweed species available that will prosper in this region.

Watch our Monarch’s come out!

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The Mess Continues - 08/24/2017 Update

Today we have only one open entrance to our office. We have a call in to the city to see where we may be able to set a temporary sign to show folks how to get in here. If you are familiar with our place of business and want to brave the traffic, the eastern most driveway is open. That's where we hope to place some sort of sign. Otherwise, here's what our parking lot looks like for now.

08:27:2017 lot view SM

Progress? - 08/17/2017 Update

Yes! We are still in business even though it doesn't look like it at the moment. Our sign is inside ready to be repainted. Once that's done, we will work on setting the pillars back to hold it in it's new place.

We really do appreciate your patience and continued support during the reconstruction of Dayton-Xenia Road!

IMG_5617 copy

Dayton Daily News article about project.

Moving our sign - 08/06/2017 Update

Moving our sign is a major project. The sign itself is easy to move…


Moving the custom built base and pillars is another story!


Construction Update - 08/05/2017 Update

Deal’s is open for business as usual - really!
Our sign is down and being moved.
Nursery stock has been moved to our side and rear lots.
Check our blog page for more information as it becomes available.
We appreciate your patience as construction continues on Dayton-Xenia Road.

Construction Update - 08/03/2017 Update

This afternoon, our crew started the process of trying to dismantle and move our sign. Other than the wooden sign itself, we aren’t sure yet how much we’ll be able to save, but we’re trying.


Construction Update - 07/28/2017 Update

Construction Update - 0/28/2017 Update

Dayton-Xenia Road in front of Deal’s is open! Lots of work still needs to be finished…


Construction Update - 07/27/2017 Update

Dayton-Xenia Road remains closed, but the construction crew is hopeful to have it re-opened on Friday (07/28/2017).


Construction Update - Panorama

A panoramic view of Deal’s lot… from across the street. The lot looks a bit bleak - we’ve relocated our stock to the side and back of the barn..When the widening project begins we’ll be relocating our sign and losing several feet of our lot frontage.


Construction Update - 07/22

It's almost like the Twilight Zone here today. I hear the tune in my head. Doo doo doo doo, Doo doo doo doo!

No road crew, no traffic, no noise (except for the pump running at the creek) Wait! Wait! A customer! Hooray! I'm not alone in this world. 😊


Construction Update - 07/21

Work to cover creek continues…

We are now located on a gravel road! (Or at least a small piece of a gravel road). Today we had the road crew and our crews in for a lunchtime cookout. While they were here, we got an update. They are hoping to have the road reopened next Thursday. I guess our semi-vacation will be over.


Construction Update - 07/20

A different view of the construction… looking east on Dayton-Xenia.


Construction Update - 07/19

Work progresses.

IMG_5381 IMG_5382

Construction Update - 07/18

Latest photo - a big hole in our yard!


Construction Update - 07/17

We’ve added some photos of the Dayton-Xenia Road construction around Deal’s… The front of our lot is a mess!

We’re still open! Call us at (937) 426-2118 for the latest update and the best route to visit our Store and Nursery lot.

Deal’s can and will deliver plants, mulch, and other landscaping materials to your home… call or contact us for more information.

IMG_5008sm IMG_5059sm IMG_5365sm

IMG_5366sm IMG_5373sm

Deck Your Halls

Yes, we know! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year are many months in the future.

This is still a great time to begin planning your home’s holiday celebration. Remembrances, Greens, Lights, Trimmings, etc.

Deal’s is always more than willing to help you develop a master plan to celebrate your holidays.

Contact Deal’s!

Fall Planning

Hard to believe, but we’re all ready at mid-summer. This is great time to start thinking about fall landscape updates.

Autumn is a great time to add trees, shrubs, and perennials to your landscape - or a time to replace overgrown/worn out specimens. Early planting allows plantings to become well established before winter, ready for the growth spurt of next spring.

Need help with planning your landscape update? Contact Deal’s! We’d love to visit your home and suggest updates/improvements for your home’s landscape.

Construction Update - 07/11

Dayton-Xenia Road has been closed in front of Deal’s…

The road in front of our shop is closed. We're guessing it's for tonight only since the sign still says closed for 10 days starting July 17.
Yesterday, the road crew closed one lane and dug a very large deep hole in front of our lower driveway. All day today there was a thick metal sheet over the hole. Tonight, there are large lights, an open hole, and a crew working on the closed road.

Construction Update - 07/07

The construction start has been delalyed until July 17, although, with all the recent rain, that date may be delayed another week or so.

Watch Deal’s Blog for more information!

Happy Fourth of July!

From all of us at Deal’s… Have a great Fourth of July weekend!

Pasted Graphic

Construction Update

Dayton Xenia Road update:

We now have an official road closure date. July 10-20 the road will be closed for the culvert replacement; it contains the creek that runs along the east side of our property.
We will remain open during the road closure. We will still be making deliveries and our parking lot will be accessible from the west. If you need directions, please give our office a call at 937-426-2118.


First Monarch Arrives

Our first Monarch!


Milkweed and The Monarchs

We planted Milkweed seeds in March, 2016; transplanted in May, 2016. We have Monarch caterpillars!

Want to learn more? Here are a few sites you may want to visit…

Monarch Butterfly -
read more

Wikipedia info -
read more

US Fish & Wildlife Service -
Save the monarch butterfly

National Wildlife Federation -
read more

Growing Milkweed -
read more

Monarch Catapillars 1 Monarch Catapillars 2

Tomato and Pepper Seedlings

Tomatoes & Peppers almost ready for sale!

After many requests, our organically grown warm season vegetables, mostly tomatoes and peppers, are ready to make their appearance this weekend.  They are out of the greenhouse and slowing getting adapted to being in full sunlight.  
Posted here are the varieties we will have.  Please keep in mind, quantities of some varieties are limited.
As we previously posted, if you visit during the week, expect short delays from the road work.  During the weekends, so far, there have been no road workers and no delays. Last we heard, the road closure will not begin before June first.  Hope to see you soon!
Tomato Varieities
Pepper Varieties

Organically Grown Seedlings

Spring has sprung! After a beautiful week of sunny weather, the cool season vegetable plants are ready to be planted. Lettuce, cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts and broccoli are all out for you to choose. We may also have basil and parsley plants available soon.

Warm season vegetables - tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and a few melons are coming along nicely. Looks like they will be ready in early May.

New nursery stock is arriving every week. Most of the evergreen, shade and ornamental trees are here. Shrubs and perennials are arriving almost every day. At the moment, we're less than organized, but we can usually find what you're looking for - just ask! (Contact Deal’s)

The reconstruction of Dayton-Xenia Road continues! Check our blog page for updates or visit the Beavercreek, Ohio, website.

Hope to see you soon!

Dayton-Xenia Road Construction Update

Just heard back from the city with an update on the road work and closure.
At this time it looks like the road will not be closed until after June 1. Until then, there will be periodic disruptions, but no closures.

The gas lines are just starting to be relocated, which will take about a month.

Near the end of April, the electric, phone and fiber lines will be relocated which will also take about a month.

Once that is accomplished the road will be closed for a period of about ten days at the eastern corner of our property. This is to replace the culvert for the creek that runs through our property. After that, at least one lane of traffic, and usually 2, will be open, but with periodic delays.

In the meantime, if you would like to know the road conditions at the moment for a planned trip to visit us, just call our office and we will walk outside and give you as much of an update as we can see in both directions.

Think Spring!

Hope to see you soon.

Seed Potatoes and Asparagus Roots

Seed Potatoes
Just arrived!  Certified Organic seed potatoes.  This year our choices include Purple Viking, Red Gold and Yukon Gold.

Asparagus Roots

Also new this year, we have Jersey Supreme Asparagus roots in stock.  These are one year crowns, however they are conventionally grown rather than organic.  So far, we haven't found a good source for organic asparagus roots. As soon as it warms up a bit, it will be a great time to get the asparagus in the ground.  Shortly after that, it's potato planting time!

We will get updates on greenhouse grown organic vegetable seedlings as they come along.  The cold weather has slowed them down quite a bit, but eventually they'll catch up.

Hope to see you soon. We’ll update our Deal’s Blog page often as we move into spring!

Employment Opportunity

Deal’s has an immediate opening for a Lawn Care Technician.
Rate: $12.00 to $15.00 per hour.
Requirements: Valid driver’s license; excellent people skills; great attitude!

More info: Call Deal’s at (937) 426-2118 or visit our office…
3454 Dayton-Xenia Road
Beavercreek, Ohio 45432
(Find Deal’s)

Road Construction

As you may know, the road in front of Deal’s will be widened this year.  We don’t have a firm start date yet, but the first thing scheduled is replacement of the culvert at the east corner of our property.  This stage of the construction will result in the road being closed.  During that time our western most, uphill, driveway will remain open but the eastern drive will likely be blocked with equipment.
Our mulch piles will be relocated.  So, mulch (and anything else we have) will still be available through the whole construction project.

Our sign will also be relocated.  Hopefully, we will be able replace it with something as close to the existing sign as possible.  Keep your fingers crossed!

We will post updates as we know more.  Keep checking back.

Veggie Plants in The Works!

t may still be February, but some herbs and vegetables are already up and growing in the greenhouse.  New this year, after several requests last year, we will have the much asked for mint.  Spearmint adds a fresh flavor to many dishes.  As with all mints, be sure to grow in a contained area, or you may want to try growing in a pot to keep it in check.  It will tolerate light shade and can be harvested by pinching off leaves whenever needed.  Mmmmm mojito.

We are also trying Artichokes this year; although we only started a few to see how they do.  The young plants of the ‘Green Globe’ variety are lovely.  We aren’t sure if we will harvest any fruits this year or if we will try to overwinter them for harvest next year.  We’ll give them a somewhat sheltered spot and see how it goes. At worst, looks like we will have some great ornamental plants.

Another new start for this year is St. John’s Wort.  Even if we don’t harvest the herb, we will have a great small shrubby groundcover with bright yellow flowers in late summer.  This is a plant native to our area, so we should have no problems if we give it a spot with cool morning sun.  It can self seed, so we will plant in an easy access place where we can control possible new plants.

Those are newbies we know about.  There may be others to come.  We’re just getting started. Stay tuned!


Rusty-Patched Bumble Bee

Pasted Graphic
The Rusty-Patched Bumble Bee is just one of our many native pollinators; while it used to be very widespread, it’s slowly disappearing from the environment. On January 10, 2017, The US Fish & Wildlife Service listed the Rusty-Patched Bumble Bee on the Endangered Species Act.

Visit the Rusty-Patched website for more information and watch a video.

Winter Maintenance

Beavercreek’s winter has been fairly mild so far, but this is not the time to ignore your landscape, particularly if you added new plants this past fall or a new live Christmas tree. Adequate watering is necessary over the winter months for your landscape. Dorment plants, old or new, require watering to survive the winter. Have questions? Contact Deal’s if you have questions or need help.

Seed Savers Seeds

Warmer wet weather feels a lot like spring! It really will be here before we know it. Our Seed Savers Exchange seeds have arrived, just in time to get a head start on your gardens.

Many seeds in our selection are certified organic.

Here’s an abbreviated list of what we have available…
10 varieties of beans, broccoli
2 types of beets
Red and green cabbage
2 varieties of carrots
A medley of cucumbers, endive, eggplant, ground cherry
A multitude of herbs
3 types of kale
5 varieties of lettuce
Melon, onion, peas, peppers, radishes, and spinach
A collection of 8 squash
Swiss chard
An assortment of tomatoes, turnips and watermelon.

Stop in soon for the best selection.

Organically Grown Veggie Seedlings

We’re thinking about what varieties of veggie seedlings to start - what would you like us to grow organically? We welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Contact Deal’s soon!