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Deal’s Landscape Service, Inc.

Deal’s Landscape Service, Inc.
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It’s time to begin planning your landscape, yard, and garden updates/refreshes for the 2018 season.
Yep, It’s really cold outside right now, but Deal’s is all ready ordering seeds, plants, and gardening supplies for the spring!
Schedule Organic Lawn Care now to ensure timely and appropriate control applications.
Need help and ideas? Contact Deal’s or visit our store on Dayton-Xenia Road for expert help - and a chance to meet all of our store kitties!

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Since 1940, Deal's Landscape Service, Inc. has been dedicated to greening our earth. When designing a landscape for you, we strive to combine your ideas with nature so that you may enjoy beautiful outdoor living environments.

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Deal's offers a complete line of services and products for today's busy homeowner. Deal's is committed to quality and customer satisfaction. We hope we'll have an opportunity to help you create a private oasis in today's busy world.

Estimates and Designs
All estimates are itemized and free of charge. We offer CAD landscape designs at a minimal charge. If we are able to pass our ideas on to you with rough sketches rather than formal designs, there is no charge. Please call (937) 426-2118, or Contact Deal’s to schedule a free appointment or request an estimate.
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Deal's offers a complete line of products for today's busy homeowner. Our nursery holding area is stocked with a wide range of plants appropriate for southwest Ohio landscapes. We specialize in organic products - fertilizers, insect, and weed control products friendly to the environment.
Do-it-yourself landscapers are never discouraged. Our staff is available to provide advice and guidance. Our five acre nursery holding area offers one of the finest selections of ornamental, shade and evergreen trees along with a large variety of landscape shrubs, perennial plants and materials to make your efforts successful. Plants, materials and supplies may be purchased in our store located in the Deal’s barn at 3454 Dayton Xenia Road, Beavercreek.

Questions? Please call Deal’s at (937) 426-2118 or Contact Deal’s.

Like to see what we have? View our Landscape Materials Catalog or Nursery Stock Catalog.

Deal’s Landscape Service, Inc. does not sell Gardening Materials or Nursery Stock over the internet.
Organic Earth and Lawn Care
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Organic Earth and Lawn Care™ is a comprehensive lawn maintenance and renewal program designed with all natural fertilizers that will not harm the environment. A well maintained, lush lawn simply does not need harsh chemicals and insecticides to flourish.
The Dayton Daily News interviewed Deal’s about organic lawn care. You can read the article here.

Deal’s Organic Earth and Lawn Care Program includes:

All of our fertilizers are organic and non-polluting. This is especially important in our area since many homes use well water. Depending on your lawn's needs, 2 to 5 applications are made during the growing season.

Insect and Weed Control
A well maintained and healthy lawn is the best defense against weeds and insects. Also, choosing the right grass for your lawn is very important. We can recommend the best types for your residence. There are few natural weed control options. We are keeping up to date and testing any options as they become available. Corn gluten has proven to be valuable as a weed seed pre-emergent.

Core Aeration
We recommend aeration on a regular basis.  In our heavy clay soil, aerating will open up your lawn by removing small plugs of soil in the turf, thus opening passageways for air, water, and nutrients to more quickly reach roots and promote strong turf growth.    Core Aeration Fact Sheet.

Over Seeding
Over Seeding is best performed in the spring or early autumn.  This helps build a stronger lawn by filling in open areas with fresh new grass, helps prevent weeds, and provides a lush, thick lawn.

Proper Mowing
Lawns should be mowed frequently, especially in the spring. Be sure to leave the clippings on the lawn. Clippings help protect the grass from the hot sun of summer, control moisture loss, and return nutrients back to the soil as they break down.
Mowing Like a Pro YouTube Video
You can watch our original Organic Earth and Lawn Care commercial... from over 20 years ago!
Deal’s Portfolio
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Deal’s Portfolio

We are very proud of both the practicality and creativity of our landscaping design and installation. Our crews work very hard to ensure that your landscaping plan is perfectly executed.

Any questions? Please contact Deal’s!
Deal’s Blog and News
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Deal’s Blog™ is the place to go for seasonal topics, news, and other information from Deal’s.

Latest blog entries…

Deal’s History
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Since 1940, Deal's Landscape Service, Inc. has been dedicated to greening our earth. When designing a landscape for you, we strive to combine your ideas with nature so that you may enjoy beautiful outdoor living environments.
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Deal’s is hiring!

We have an immediate opening for a Lawn Care Technician.
Rate: $12.00 to $15.00 per hour.
Requirements: Valid driver’s license; excellent people skills; great attitude!

More info: Call Deal’s at (937) 426-2118 or visit our office…
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