Fall Landscape Planning

Fall is a great time of year to review your home’s landscaping. What maintenance or updating will help improve your home’s “curb-appeal” and the personal enjoyment of your family? Your home’s outdoor living environment can be just as important as its interior design.

Contact Deal’s to help you develop a landscaping plan for your family!

Fall Planning

Hard to believe, but we’re all ready at mid-summer. This is great time to start thinking about fall landscape updates.

Autumn is a great time to add trees, shrubs, and perennials to your landscape - or a time to replace overgrown/worn out specimens. Early planting allows plantings to become well established before winter, ready for the growth spurt of next spring.

Need help with planning your landscape update? Contact Deal’s! We’d love to visit your home and suggest updates/improvements for your home’s landscape.

Fall Planning

Fall is a great time to refresh your landscape with new plantings - as well as preparing your landscape for winter. Check for dead stems and branches or overgrown shrubs.

This is the time to think about adding new spring flowering bulbs to your garden. Who doesn’t enjoy the sight of of crocuses and snowdrops pushing up through any late season snow? Followed, of course, by daffodils, tulips, and many other spring flowers.

Make a new landscape focus

Have an ughly spot in your landscape? This homeowner had a muddy spring - Deal’s made it an awesome addition to their landscape.





We changed a muddy run into an attractive water accent in their landscape.

Contact Deal’s if you have a landscape problem, we can help you turn a problem into an asset!

Outdoor Living

This is a great time to plan your new outdoor living areas!
Deal’s can design and estimate areas from small shady sitting areas to full outdoor kitchens. Give us a call or contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our designers and we will be able to install your perfect personalized space before the leaves turn colors this fall.

Think Spring!

This is a great time to start thinking about your landscape maintenance needs for 2016. Deal’s offers a full line of very affordable landscape maintenance programs including Organic Earth & Lawn Care™. Our Organic Earth™ program has a proven track record of earth-friendly turf and garden enrichment and maintenance. Want to learn more? Contact Deal’s