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Veggie Plants in The Works!

t may still be February, but some herbs and vegetables are already up and growing in the greenhouse.  New this year, after several requests last year, we will have the much asked for mint.  Spearmint adds a fresh flavor to many dishes.  As with all mints, be sure to grow in a contained area, or you may want to try growing in a pot to keep it in check.  It will tolerate light shade and can be harvested by pinching off leaves whenever needed.  Mmmmm mojito.

We are also trying Artichokes this year; although we only started a few to see how they do.  The young plants of the ‘Green Globe’ variety are lovely.  We aren’t sure if we will harvest any fruits this year or if we will try to overwinter them for harvest next year.  We’ll give them a somewhat sheltered spot and see how it goes. At worst, looks like we will have some great ornamental plants.

Another new start for this year is St. John’s Wort.  Even if we don’t harvest the herb, we will have a great small shrubby groundcover with bright yellow flowers in late summer.  This is a plant native to our area, so we should have no problems if we give it a spot with cool morning sun.  It can self seed, so we will plant in an easy access place where we can control possible new plants.

Those are newbies we know about.  There may be others to come.  We’re just getting started. Stay tuned!


Seed Savers Seeds

Warmer wet weather feels a lot like spring! It really will be here before we know it. Our Seed Savers Exchange seeds have arrived, just in time to get a head start on your gardens.

Many seeds in our selection are certified organic.

Here’s an abbreviated list of what we have available…
10 varieties of beans, broccoli
2 types of beets
Red and green cabbage
2 varieties of carrots
A medley of cucumbers, endive, eggplant, ground cherry
A multitude of herbs
3 types of kale
5 varieties of lettuce
Melon, onion, peas, peppers, radishes, and spinach
A collection of 8 squash
Swiss chard
An assortment of tomatoes, turnips and watermelon.

Stop in soon for the best selection.

Organically Grown Veggie Seedlings

We’re thinking about what varieties of veggie seedlings to start - what would you like us to grow organically? We welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Contact Deal’s soon!

Spring Planning

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