Trees and Greens

Cut and live Christmas trees are now available, as well as a selection of wreaths, roping, and custom grave blankets. Shop early for the best selection!

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Construction Update

Starting today (11/17) and potentially lasting through next Wednesday (11/22), we will have only one entrance. The road crew has removed the western entrance, but that will reopen as soon as road paving is finished. Paving is scheduled to start on Monday; the western entry should be reopened by Wednesday, if not before. The east entry will remain open, although it seems to move a bit one direction or another every other day! It will be great when it's finished.
In the mean time, we would like to express our deep thanks for your patronage, your patience, and your determination to visit see us!
Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Cut Christmas Trees

Our crew will be setting up cut Christmas Trees on Wednesday, November 22.
Call ahead and we’ll let you know when the size and variety of tree you’re interested in will be available.
Candycane Icespice

Find Your Christmas Name

From Candycane Icespice (AKA, Cheryl)
Find your own, special Christmas Name here!

Holiday Planning

“Tis The Season” very soon!

As usual, our crew will be bringing in our cut and live Christmas trees just before Thanksgiving. We will be set up for sale on the Friday after Thanksgiving.
Call soon - (937) 426-2118 or contact Deal’s - if you would like to order handmade wreaths or grave blankets. Remember, we also do holiday decorating!
We can provide both interior and exterior trimming (roping, wreathes, lighting) expertly installed for your holiday spirit!

Another Construction Update

It is much shorter and still needs work, but at least we have a sign again!
As far as the road construction goes, the road crew will hopefully have our side of the road paved with the base coat of asphalt before the winter closes in. Fingers are crossed.