New Patio

Deal’s recently completed a patio project for a local homeowner… click the image to see more!

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Seedlings Ready to Plant

Visit Deal’s now for the best selection of Organically Grown veggie seedlings!


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Posey Power!


Deal’s has Posy Power™ in stock - make your garden really POP with Posy Power™!

Posy Power™ - a powerful organic soil booster. Visit the Posy Power™ web site for additional information or Contact Deal’s!


For your vegetable gardens we now have two compost choices. The same mushroom compost we've had for several years and now a new organic compost. The organic compost is not certified, but if you are a certified grower, it passes certification standards. Please call for more information or contact us.

Safe to plant?

It’s early May - the conservative safe planting date in our area is usually mid-May. While Deal’s is not making any recommendation about a safe planting date this early in the spring, you might want to consider setting out your seedlings. Be aware, of course, that you may need to protect tender plants from any late spring frost.