Fall Planning

Fall is a great time to refresh your landscape with new plantings - as well as preparing your landscape for winter. Check for dead stems and branches or overgrown shrubs.

This is the time to think about adding new spring flowering bulbs to your garden. Who doesn’t enjoy the sight of of crocuses and snowdrops pushing up through any late season snow? Followed, of course, by daffodils, tulips, and many other spring flowers.

Fall Lawn Maintenance

Yes, it’s still the first of August, but you should begin to plan for next year’s lawn! Deal’s is now scheduling fall aeration and over-seeding. Regular aeration and over-seeding are essential to maintaining a thick, weed free lawn on an Organic program. Aeration allows improved water and gas exchange; it destabilizes the soil, making room for fresh root growth.

Also, if you’re using Corn Gluten pre-emergent weed control late fall and next spring, aeration will greatly improve weed control in your lawn.

Please contact Deal’s for more information!

Organic Earth Updates

We’re busy applying the second round of Liquid Seaweed to your yard!

Brown Patch Fungus has caused some concerns this year - the humid weather along with all the rainfall has created conditions where the thatch and grass remain wet for extended periods, which is great for fungus but not for your yard.

BPF rarely does any permanent damage and intervention is not needed, BPF will die out as the weather becomes less humid and we approach fall. Organic Earth’s Seaweed Spray provides plant sugars that promote the growth of microbes that feed on fungus.

If you’re using irrigation systems, you should reduce how often they run. Too much water can be bad for your lawn and landscape, leaching out important soil nutrients and depriving plant roots of oxygen.